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Deeksha's Student Offers with EducateMe Global

College Students

We are dedicated to providing customized and comprehensive services to our students. Learn more about our personalized training offers that will set you up for success. 


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Study abroad

We provide extensive support to make your study abroad experience hassle-free. We'll help you apply for your course in the UK, Canada, USA, Europe or Dubai. And give you support with visa, accommodation, interviews and more!

More info about Study abroad


English Training

Our courses are designed with modern research at heart and include popular films and tv shows to make them more engaging and less boring. We do not want to work based on tradition and rote learning, we want to push forward and innovate when we teach our students.

English Courses for Deeksha Students

Huge discount on English courses for Deeksha Students*
*not applicable for the Intensive PTE Package
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Corporate Training

We offer corporate training services that will help the students become more job ready and land better jobs. Our vast experience enables us to understand the needs of employers in various industries and deliver personalized programs that helps the students become valued employees at their workplace and advance quickly on their career path

Who We Are

We are an organisation of passionate and experienced individuals. Our aim is to make a quality education more accessible to students around the world. We make the process seamless and adapt our offerings for every student.

What We Do

At EducateMe Global, we help students worldwide find universities and courses best suited to them. Our service is end to end:

From when you first consider further education to when you finish your degree.

Our Premium Partners

Bloomsbury Institute London
University of Chester
University of law
Coventry University
University of Dundee
Pre umbrella academy
De Montfort University
Bangor University
Modul University
University of Roehampton
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Get in Touch

No.53-A/2, Juman Centre, Prominent Road, Cantonment, Trichy, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, 620001

Neelkanth Square, First Floor, Hall No - 1 Gayatri Mandir Road, Junavas, Madhapar, Bhuj, Kutch - 370020

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